Monday, August 26, 2013

Corporate: united or combined into one body

I was praying this morning, and started thinking about prayer.  I suddenly realized something about prayer that I have not articulated, at least recently:  Prayer is not "talking to God" as I have so often put it to myself and others.  Actually, it is conversing with Him.  Prayer is a conversation, not a speech.  That completely changes things, because a speech is all one-way communication, but a conversation is a flow between parties.  It is even different than speeches alternating back and forth.  There is a continuous give and take in a conversation, and a responsibility to both contribute and listen in order for the conversation to be maintained.  This is prayer.  This new perspective on prayer was revolutionary enough for me this morning as I sat there eating my oatmeal and trying to commune with God, but there is a little more.