Thursday, February 27, 2014


Credit: ngader
It starts with a thought.  But for some reason, instead of getting swept out of our minds when we close up shop at the end of the day, shutting our eyes to go to sleep, it catches on some rough edge of a floorboard. It gets snagged there, unnoticed at the back of our minds.  It stays all night, and the next morning, it begins to skulk around.

After a few days, the thought becomes a little more comfortable and begins to wander more freely, mingling with the other thoughts in our minds, even venturing to make an appearance in the front of our minds now and then.  The longer the thought is allowed to stay, the more comfortable and confident it becomes.

Before long, it is a "regular," eventually gets itself hired as the manager of all our thoughts, makes changes on how things are being run, redecorates - the whole nine yards.

Before long, we are obsessed.
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