Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Him we live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28)

I closed my eyes.

I saw the universe outlined as if it was in the shape of a man.  He was tall and strong, arms at his sides, on his back in the nothingness that exists outside of time.  His body was full of the night sky and stars that shone from out of his deep blueness.  It was less like he had blue skin, and more like the sky defined his form.  And even though I could tell he was laying down, his body was horizontal, not vertical.  I knew the man was God.

I realized that I was the man too; each person is that man in a way.  We all have the universe inside of us, the stars shining out of us, everything swirling through us.  

I looked closer, and I saw that I was inside the man.  I saw His veins, stretching across the universe.  I saw that I was the blood; we are all the blood.  I knew that if we are the blood, then we are perpetually coming and going to and from His heart.  We are constantly being washed, made new, pumped back through His glowing heart and out into the universe once more.  I felt myself being pumped through His heart.

I opened my eyes.

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