Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Child of the Wind - WD Poetry Challenge

Admittedly, I haven't posted a poem every day of the Writer's Digest PAD Challenge.  But I have been appreciating the push to write more poetry.  I don't take the time to write out my thoughts this way often because it is much more demanding than just writing them all out as they come.  Writing my thoughts as poetry forces me to rethink, reframe, and revise the sundry ideas and experiences running through my mind.  I have not only to catch them, but to sit down and examine them, to look into their eyes and find out who or what they are.  All that to say, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge!

Here is my latest favourite poem from the challenge:

Day 21: Back-to-the-basics poem

The Gale (public domain)
Antônio Parreiras (via Wikimedia Commons)
"A Child of the Wind"

I am a child of the wind,
made of mud, sweat and tears.

I exhale for the first time,
sending ripples
into earth's swirling orb,
and find myself
laying next to you -
a child of the light,
the bright and morning star -
on a hill far away.

As I wake,
you slip into sleep
your last breath my first,
perpetuating the pulse in
the womb of existence,
your hand
holding mine.

My first breath rises
and I lean across your chest
to exhale,
my last breath
perpetuating your pulse,
the rhythm of existence.

For who am I
but a child of the wind?
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