Friday, April 25, 2014

Tell it to the Clouds, WD Poetry Challenge

One of my more whimsical constributions to the Writer's Digest PAD Challenge.

Day 24: Tell-it-to-the-Blank poem

"Tell it to the Clouds"

Tell it to the clouds
under the bright sun,
as you lay
on a hill,
away from life's hum.

Cloud study
John Constable
Tell them they look like giants and dragons,
like castles and a princess trapped in the highest tower.

Tell them they are your magic carpet
as you drift away on a westward wind.

Cloud Study, Sunset
John Constable

Tell them as you lay with them late into the night,
and bright stars beginning to poke through with sharp fingers.

Tell them as they drift over the moon,
bundling up just below her chin like a warm woolen afghan.

Tell it to the clouds
as you drift on the ninth one
in the night sky
and fall

* * *
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