Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me - WD Poetry Challenge

Sadly, today is the final day of National Poetry Month.   However, it's not all bad news today - it's also my birthday!  In celebration of both, I wrote one last poem for this year's Writer's Digest Poetry Challenge.
Frederick Daniel Hardy
The First Birthday Party, public domain

Day 30: Calling-it-a-day poem

"Happy Birthday to Me"

The clock strikes 5:something a.m.
And with that,
it is finished -
the twenty-fourth year of my life.

I am asleep,
dreaming about the early days
when my Mom set up
treasure hunts around the house
and taped streamers
and paper cut-outs of my new age
all over my bedroom
before without waking me up
so I would see them first thing
when I opened my eyes.

No streamers or paper numbers this morning
but a good breakfast - oatmeal -
and sweet birthday kisses
from a clean-shaven husband.

No treasure hunts,
but an (un)surprising party tonight -
a room full of friends,
food and fun.

And later,
when the clock strikes 5:something a.m.
I'll call it a day -
the first day
of my twenty-fifth year.

* * *

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