Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy National Poetry Month!

Spring is (finally) in the air!  Plants are blooming, birds are singing, and poets are poem-ing! 

In honour of National Poetry Month 2014 (and because I am bombarded with homework and have little time to blog in my last end of semester crunch least for a while), I am going to post poems that I write in response to prompts from the Writer's Digest's Poem-a-Day (PAD) Challenge

Here's today's poem.

Day 10: Future poem

"Like a Train, Hallelujah"
Here we go
careening on
like a train
toward a turnoff
unsure if the lever
will be pulled
or if we will go
careening on
off the tracks,
over the edge,
into the unknown.
The lever is pulled
and we go
careening on
down the tracks
into the unknown.
* * *

Here are links to the poems I've posted on the Writer's Digest site so far.  You will recognized some of them from my Poetry page.  Enjoy!  And join in!

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